About EM

Hey there!

My name is Elissa and I created em knits for the knitters and makers seeking endless inspiration to fuel their creative dreams.  Think of it as a more elaborate Pinterest feed for refined and beautiful knitwear (no kitschy knick-knacks here).  I’m constantly finding inspiration for amazing knit garments and accessories that I would love to make.  But as hard as I try, I can never seem to knit EVERYTHING that I fall in love with.  So instead of letting those beautiful ideas go to waste, I share them all here with you.

I’m an avid knitter and have been continuously knitting for 10 years (though I first started when I was just a little one), but I will never stop learning.  There will always be more problems to solve and more things to learn and I’m all about discovering new ideas.  In addition to being a knitter, I’m a Product Manager for native, web, and SaaS apps, which may also be known as a “tech savvy wearer of many hats.”

I love all things cozy and rainy, which makes living in the Pacific Northwest absolutely perfect for me.  The ocean shores here have forests, which is just the greatest thing ever and I’m constantly amazed by it.  I also have a great love for cold-brewed coffee, gin cocktails, and video games.

Make sure to stop by Twitter sometime and say hello!