Wedding Shawl In Progress Cover
In Progress

The Most Important Knitting Project of My Life

In less than one month (omg.), I’m doing something that’s pretty huge and kind of scary to most people.  I’m getting married.  SQUEE!  I couldn’t be more excited about it and I absolutely know that it is going to be the best day EVER.  And OF COURSE I had to use the wedding as an opportunity to knit something extra special and also practical, like a shawl.  Because of reasons… or something, I don’t really know why.  I mean, I knit and I like shawls, those are pretty much my reasons.

Now shawls in general don’t really take a whole lot of time to knit, but man… when you’re knitting one for your WEDDING and you’re incredibly particular about things like I am (I can be super annoying when it comes colors and patterns), the whole process of choosing the yarn and the colorway and the pattern takes months.  Literally.  MONTHS.

Sweet Dreams WIP

The First Attempt.  Sweet Dreams knit with The Plucky Knitter Sophisticate in Melba

Fortunately, I actually gave myself enough time to be able to change my mind again and again without freaking out and feeling overwhelmed and rushed.  In fact, I knit a whole shawl (that included beading! see above) and got to the bind off row and decided “naaaah, this isn’t my wedding shawl” and to start the whole process over again.  You know.  No pressure.  Heh!

I should also probably finish binding off that first shawl.  Eventually. 🙂

But now that I finally have everything exactly as I want it and am actually working on the shawl, that creeping timeline is somehow stressing me out to no end.  Even though I’m technically at the easiest part of the whole process.  I have plenty of time, I’m more than half way through the pattern, and I have no shortage of the required yarn.  This project could not be more perfect right now.

Wedding Shawl Nardoo Draped

The ACTUAL Wedding Shawl!  Nardoo knit with The Plucky Knitter Bello in Melba

Except if it was finished.  That’s my brain’s thought process right now.  “OMG, you’re STILL working on this?!  It’s taking FOREVER!  We’re running out of TIME!”


Wedding Shawl Nardoo WIP

Calm down, brain.  As long as I keep taking it one stitch at a time, it’ll be ok.  Yes, this is probably the most important thing I’ll ever knit in my life.  But at the end of the day, it’s just a shawl.  And it’ll get finished.  And everything will be fine.  And I should really thank myself for deciding against knitting a whole wedding dress, even though it’s the most beautiful thing ever and I WANT it!

Is anyone else working on a really important or really stressful project right now?  What have you been doing to keep yourself calm and keep plugging along?

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